Saturday, October 14, 2006


Friday was my first day actually coding for my current employer.
However, I'm getting some bad feelings about the code base.
First, rather than use a closed source, but otherwise free, component, the developer I'm working with had decompiled it, and renamed the namespace.
Why? I have no idea. He'd certainly not touched, or even really looked, at the code.
Secondly, the other senior developer has a laptop and a desktop machine, and his code seems to be shewn across the two. If I had this, I'd be sure that I was using source control, even as a joint store between the two machines. But no. I asked him for some code that I was meant to be working on, and it took a full hour before it was in the company's code repository. This is the company's prime assets (it's a technology company), and it's not even under source control. WTF?
I've watched the programming team, and whilst they seem to get on, there's not a lot of "team" working. Everyone seems to work in isolation, then run into trouble when code sharing comes along. I presume this is because there used to be three of them, and now there are five, and an office/project manager. Information sharing becomes more and more important as the team grows.
I'm going to stick with it for a few days, then try and rock the boat a bit, and see what happens.

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