Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Perry Bible Fellowship

I know Chris has blogged about it before, but The Perry Bible Fellowship is one of my favourite comic strips. It used to be in the Guardian, but they axed it for some reason. Fortunately, I can still read it online, and there's regular enough updates to keep me hooked.
Sometimes I find the meaning of the strip to be vague on first inspection, but then I take time to look closer at it, and it reveals its meaning, more often than not to comic effect. I know jokes and gags are meant to be immediate, but I think that PBF (as it's known to those in the know) works by its opaqueness.
The only complaint I have is that the strips don't show up in the RSS feed, so I have to leave Google Reader and actually go to the site. I know this only takes 1 click, but the PBF site is a bit slow sometimes...
Anyway, if you've not done so already, go read The Perry Bible Fellowship (and then probably leave me a comment to the fact that I'm clearly a weirdo for liking it.)

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Anonymous said...

They didn't axe PBF but moved it to their special insert section.