Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Autumn. Yay!

I love autumn. It has to be my favourite time of year. Yes, it's a bit colder (it feels a lot colder at the moment), and, yes, I'll admit it's darker, and wetter, but I still love it.
Because the Sctoland trip was cancelled (boo!), I've managed to get out for a few mini day trips - yesterday to the Yorkshire Sculture Park, and today to HardCastle Crags and Hebden Bridge.
I love the sculpture park, and the James Turrell exhibition has been extended until January. I really do advise you to go and see it. Even if you've seen it already, going to see it again is still amazing. He's also go a permanent installation, in what was the deer shelter. This is so simple, yet so effective. It's essentially a hole in the roof, but the roof is so thin, and featureless, that it frames the sky, and makes it appear close enough to touch. It's as if it's a moving picture of the sky rather than the sky itself. The space is also so quiet, it was nice just to be sat in there, looking at the sky.
There's also an interesting Simon Whitehead exhibition - it's a bit wierd as it's about walks that he's taken, and there was a stuffed goose, which meant I had to leave before looking at videos and listening to the cds, but the book about it seems a lot more interesting, and given some guitar ideas to try (not with my aria though!).
We didn't really look at much else - just had a bit of a wander. It was a shame to see the absence of the Ronald Rae stuff, but I suppose it can't stay there forever. There were quite a few Shaggy Ink Caps around, but not where I could pick them.
HardCastle Crags was really pretty with all the autumn colours, and we saw quite a few mushrooms - as yet unidentified. Again, it was a shame to remember that the sculpture trail will no longer be happening, but it was still nice to wander around. We saw the biggest dog I have ever seen (it came up to my chest).
Hebden was a bit hippy-fied, but most of it was closed due to it being tuesday (they seem to open wednesday - sunday, which I suppose works better with the tourists). Saw Sam, and went to Organic House for lunch. It's an ok resturant (Amy liked it), but there was a feeble vegan choice (hummus, basically).
Yay, so get out and enjoy Autumn. Take your waterproofs, wear a jumper that you'll have to take off, and after a while come home and feel cosy, but, most importantly, get out and enjoy it before it turns into winter.

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