Thursday, June 09, 2005

I've not blogged for ages

I guess getting a new house has taken its toll. I mean, you can only spend so much time filling massive holes in the ceiling before you need to sleep.

I guess the house is progressing. We got the walls in the lounge plastered, and, although we're going to need to redo the ceiling, we're going to leave that for now, so we've got more space than just the kitchen to live in. Being able to listen to music and watch dvds again, and having people round without them having to sit in the kitchen... only small things, but I'm sure they'll make a difference.

I'm going to see Smog on friday! Never, ever thought I'd get the chance to see Smog, but the chance has come, and I'm going. And then Rob Newman on saturday (hush hush, apparently), and then, next friday, John Shuttleworth. Woo. Should provide some relief, albeit challenging and engaging, from sanding, painting, stripping (wallpaper), and such-like.