Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend End

Wow. That has to have been the busiest weekend I've had in a while - and certainly the drunkest one, seeing as I hadn't had an alcoholic drink since the beginning of September. The reason for this was Gary being over from China for a week. It was a bit unexpected, and certainly not the best of circumstances, but it was still great to see him - it's a bit weird when you see someone nearly every day, and then you don't see them at all for six months.
We'd already met for lunch in Manchester on wednesday, so I didn't stay out for that long on Friday night (I got the 2140 train home), and he was already drunk by the time I got there...not that I didn't try to catch up! The beer in the Victoria was quite nice - the Timothy Taylor's Landlord was good, and then I had a pint of a similarly bitter tasting one before I left. It was good to see some of Gary's friends too - I'd met most of them a few times before, and Antz is a really nice bloke.
So yeah, apart from the bizarre train home, which went about half a mile at 7 miles per hour before turning back, and then having to walk to a different platform and get on a different train, Friday night was pretty uneventfull. I'm glad I did leave early, as apparently they didn't stop until 4am on Saturday.
On Saturday evening, we went over to Leeds, and met Gary, Antz, Mike and Cate at Hansa's - one of my all time favourite places to eat. The food was amazing, as usual, and as usual, we all left feeling like we'd eaten too much. With it being Diwali, there were free sweets, the one I had tasted a bit like pistachio turkish delight. We had a chat, ate, and it was good. Anthony and Gary were both monged out...
Cate and Mike came back to ours to visit Henry and stay the night (not sure which order). It was nice to catch up with them, as we'd not seen them since the beginning of September, when they came to drop off Henry. They've just put an offer in on a house, which is quite an exciting time. They'd left by about 11am, and I've mostly pottered around and cooked today, although we did go out for a walk in the rain and discovered that there are allotments quite close by, and that most of them seem to be used, which is good in one way, as if we did get one we wouldn't have to fight against nature as hard as if it was all overgrown, but it also means that there might be a waiting list. Mind you, we've still got lots of house stuff to sort out before we should be thinking about getting an allotment.
The week ahead might be quite busy at work, with a project due at the end of the week - the three week project that's had about one week of work actually spent on it...oh well. Amy also starts her new job tomorrow, so it might be a bit hectic at home too.

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