Monday, October 30, 2006

Visual Studio Developers need to get out of the IDE more

So, been in the new job for 2 months, and it's finally come to setting up my machine for development on the company's main project.
Is it a case of "svn checkout http://*****/mainprojectname", followed by "build"?
Fuck it is!
These guys have never left the IDE, so wouldn't know what a build script was if it came up to them in the street and gave them a big wet sloppy kiss.
So, what do I have to do to get this project working?
First: Get the Enterprise Library. Fair enough. Except the Enterprise Library doesn't build because I have NUnit for .Net 2.0 and not .Net 1.1. Fuckers.
Then the Localization Toolkit. Fine. Except I have to manually install bits of this (the WMI bits). Again - WTF?
Ok. So that's there. Except, stupid me, didn't realise I needed to install all this before I got the project from SourceSafe. Jesus.
Now I can't load half the solution because IIS is returning a 500 error for those projects. Fucking hell.
So, I'm now at the stage where I'm going to remove all the mappings from IIS. Unstall, then reinstall, Enterprise Library, get the solution afresh, and cross my fingers.
All for the sake of someone spending 1/2 a day getting it setup to work from a blank slate with open source tools like nant that can be put in the source repository.
I might have it setup by this afternoon.

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