Friday, October 27, 2006

rude words

Why are words like Fuck, Feltch, Shit, Cunt, Cock, Arse, Tit, Rim, Smeg, Rimmer, and Rectum considered to be grotesque, crude, offensive or inappropriate? Surely, that's like having a heirarchy of words, where words and phrases like "damn", "Bother Boots" and "Excuse me, my personnal area appears to have made a noise like passing wind" are higher up than their equivalent "Arse", "SHIT!!!!", or "fuck me, I've just done a fanny fart".
Who made up the rules about which words we can and can't use? Frankly, they should be taken out the back and given a good hard slap in the balls (let's face it, it was, undoubtedly, a man.) It's just wordism - descriminating against some words because of your own prejudicies rather than anything they have done.
If a word's in the dictionary, then surely it's as valuable as the next one, and we shouldn't be put into the situation where calling your boss "a cock-sucking whore" is any worse them questioning their commitment to their staff and their ability to manage an office of intelligent, yet somewhat disfunctional, humans. To be honest, sometimes, it's more fitting to call someone a "shit-sucking fuck face" than "a bit of a nuisance".
So, get with the mother fucking program you arse rammer: No more discrimination against swear words.