Saturday, October 14, 2006

Scotland is off

Yeap, you heard it straight, Scotland is off.
After going back to work yesterday, both Amy & myself were absolutely drained last night, and realised that a dead early start, followed by 10 hours on a train, and then an hour car journey, may not be the best thing for our recoveries.
It's a pain, not least because of the money (I don't think we'll be able to get any money back on the cottage), but also because I was looking forward to getting away for a few days, getting some fresh air, and meeting up with Chris and Conrad. I think Amy was looking forward to finally meeting some of my Sheffield buddies - I think she thinks they're made up.
Despite not going, I'm still glad to have a few days off. I know I've been in bed for most of the last week, but I feel like everything's been hectic recently. I don't know, perhaps it's the fact I'm out of the house from 0730 to 1845, so I've effectively lost an hour of free time a day.

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