Monday, October 09, 2006


I'm off work today, with a cold. It sounds lame, but walking downstairs to phone work took it out of me, so I don't think that a 40 minute train ride, followed by a 15 minute walk was really feasible. Amy was feeling dodgy too, but she's managed to go to work. I hope she's ok.
So, because I've not put anything on my blog for ages, here's a quick summary of what's going on in my life:
The big event is next weekend (argh!), but I managed to do 10 miles on Saturday, so hopefully should at least be able to make it round the course. It's looking possible that I'll be running it by myself, as Bill and Conrad didn't get round to entering, and Chris' ankle is still playing up. Still, I'm sure the other people running will provide inspiration, and Paul Radcliffe's tip about counting to 100 instead of constantly worry about how far you've got left seems to help too. It's just a bit difficult counting to 100 whislt breathing enough, but it did seem to help on saturday.
Henry gets his stitches out today, but his wound is still a bit scabby, so we're going to keep him in until he's healed properly. That should stop another fight opening up the wound again, but won't stop more wounds. He's been being really friendly, and a pleasure to have around (most of the time). He did knock an entire pint glass of water off the coffee table yesterday, but he was just sniffing around, and didn't do it intentionally.
Yeah, work. Yeah. Been going ok. Just one day, when they said "you can all work an extra half hour a day for the next month, can't you?", has been bad, but it seems ok. Still haven't done any serious coding, and I can hardly wait. They don't seem to know about unit tests, loose coupling, or anything like that, so I'm looking forward to introducing some of those concepts. The manager seems quite keen on BUFD, almost done to the code level, which worries me slightly, but I can see that he'll be happy as long as the work gets done. I hope I never have to spend a month on requirements capture again.

I need to go and lie down now.

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Chris Hill said...

Get Well Soon, Dave.
Conrad has formally taken my place for the race, so don't worry, you won't be by yourself.