Friday, October 13, 2006

Running...or not

I'm back at work today. Trying to take it as it comes, but the first hour or so has been ok.
However, the forecast for Sunday's run isn't so hot. I'm still very flemmy, and I do have a cough still. Unless I get a lot better by tomorrow evening, I'm not going to be able to run, and even then, jumping up, after a week of virtual inactivity, and running 13 miles is perhaps over optimistic. I'm still stubbonly refusing to say that I'm not doing it, as the disappointment is too much to face. I've been training since May, and to have to pull out at such a late stage because of, let's face it, a cold, is a real bummer.
Ah feck, I'm not running, am I? Shit. I'll just have to sit and cry for the whole time.

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