Sunday, December 03, 2006


Gary's written a reflection on using Ubuntu. It's kind of reassuring.
I've been using Ubuntu in a virtual machine for a while for some projects I've been working on. I kind of like it (although, I have switched to using Xubuntu, as it has a lower resource overhead).
There are still a few areas where the open source community lacks strong software. These are .Net development (nothing comes close to Visual Studio and Resharper), and music.
There's one DAW solution, but I tend to use Ableton Live, which is a bit of a hybrid, and I've not really seen else like it. That, and Guitar Rig. There is FreeAmp, but Guitar Rig is soooo amazing, I don't know how anyone else could do that.
There are some components out there that could be put together to arrange something ableton like, but, as always, it's time, and tweaking, and it's time i could actually spend playing guitar.
Yeah, so use ubuntu if you don't want to do music on your pc.

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gary said...

I've been thinking about it and what I like is the feeling that the operating system is mine. I have such potential control over so much of the operating system and what it does and that's kind of refreshing. But it's still a minority system and so there are things missing still. However it must be starting to make an impact with a number of companies bothering to put out linux versions of their products, like Skype, Picasa and Flash. Specialist products can be a bit hit and miss - lots of scientific applications, for example, but I guess not a lot of music apps. There is supposed to be a fork/app called Ubuntu Studio which is supposed to help but it's an area that will probably grow. Probably worth keeping an eye on.