Friday, December 15, 2006


I haven't really been drinking coffee lately. I quite like coffee - not nasty NesCrappy, but freshly brewed coffee, preferably from fresh grounds (although they're usually not quite so fresh).
I have to take my hat off to Union Coffee Roasters <> for having made the nicest coffee I've ever tasted. The packets I've tasted are smooth and fresh tasting, and have a pleasant citrus element. The only places I've found to buy it are Waitrose (nearest is either Otley or Sheffield), Beano and Just Bean (both in Leeds). It's subsequently a bit of a treat when I do get some.
Since I've been tired, I've been drinking coffee everyday this week - I think it was three cups on Monday. It started because I was shattered after staying out late on Saturday night, then waking up early on Sunday morning. So on Monday I drank lots of coffee to get me through the day. Monday night I had about five hours sleep.
Tuesday was a busy busy day - was at work by 8am, and, after taking the cat to the vet's, didn't get home until nearly 8pm. Not much coffee drunk, and I took some Nytol before bed, and I slept deeply.
Wednesday, I had 1 cup of coffee, felt really bad when I got home from work, but managed to drag myself out to Yoga, and unsurprisingly, slept really well, (and I managed to get up slightly later than usual). I felt really awake yesterday (Thursday), but I still had some coffee, and didn't sleep at all well last night.
So, from tomorrow, I'm going to stop the coffee, and hopefully I'll sleep better.
Right now, I just need one more cup now to get me through the day...

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Chris said...

If you start drinking again, I can heartily recommend the Roast & Post Coffee Company who do a fine selection of organic & fair trade coffee.