Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Running Diary: Entry 8

60/60 again, for 20 minutes. Was a bit cooler than saturday, although did start off a bit quick. Have new toy (GPS + Heart Rate Monitor), which is suprisingly informative, and has meant that I can do away with carrying my phone.
Told me we'd covered about 3K, along with average speeds for each running session, as well as showing how my heartbeat peaked whilst running, and dropped back down again before we set off again. Of course, the Training Center software is the most usefull way to see all this.
More exciting is the prospect that it can be used to pace ourselves in the future, so we don't start off too fast, or so that the heart rate stays in a certain zone. Also, being GPS, it can guide us home if we get lost.
It also shows how many calories you've burnt, but I hadn't set it up properly.
I'm quite impressed, even if it does seem to need to find the GPS signal every time you turn it on (which takes a minute if you stand still, or much longer if you don't).


Chris said...

I've found a heart rate monitor really useful for preventing me from overdoing it on longer runs. By aiming for a heart rate of around 75% of max (which is around 140-150BMP for the likes of you and I) I can run for much longer which is better for both burning fat, and for increasing endurance. It's hard to slow down though, because I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it.

gerbil said...

cool gadget, i've recently started running and was trying to work out if there was such a gadget. Where did you get it?

David Kemp said...

eBay. Where else?