Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I'm not always right..., I should probably say, I'm sometimes right, but often wrong.
A number of friends, who I worked with, but they're more than 'colleagues', anyway, I digress. We've been trying to arrange what has become an annual camping trip in Edale. In an email that was sent to all of the interested parties, I nonchalantly asked one of them (Chris) what 87 is in base 9.
He, correctly, replied 106, but another person on the list (Pete) replied 96. Chris called Pete a retard (for which he almost immediately apologised), but that's just Chris' nature.
Anyway, I, mistakenly, told Chris that Pete was right. I honestly thought he was. It took Chris to point out that you can't actually have 9 in base 9 before I conceded that I was, in fact, wrong.
Chris has won some lettuce for being right.
Anyway, I suppose I just wanted to point out that I'm not always right, and I should check my calculations before running head-long into something.
Oh, and I need to remember about number systems too...You don't have 2 in base 2 (Binary) do you? Am I some kind of retard?

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