Friday, June 16, 2006

Running again

Did 60/60 again last night. Amy wore the gizmo and we noticed that her heart rate pattern is completely different to mine. Her heartrate went up to about 230 bpm tops, whereas mine only got up to just over 200.
This was the first time we'd been running after doing yoga the previous day, and I struggled. My legs were very sore.
Amy's got some proper running shoes now, and she was loving them, even thought they are a bit girly pink. She was suprised how much difference they made, and I was reminded that I really struggle when running for the train in my work shoes.
Overall, we ran at a steadier pace, but we actually went slightly further (only 0.02 miles/32 meters), and considering the extra effort it was for me to get going, I think we did quite well. I was noticable easier that saturday, when we started doing 60/60.
We're in Keswick on saturday, so if we do go out, it might be for 60/60 again. I think our hosts are planning a long (ie all day) walk, so we might not go running at all.
Side note: type 0.02 miles into Google. Brilliant.

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Chris said...

Blimey, that's a lot of BsPM