Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Coastal - Halfway to you

I thought I'd mention this record, as it's absolutely brilliant.
This is wonderful slow-core, and any comparisions with Low are superficial at best. Yes there is both a male and female vocalist, and, yes, they do interact in the same way, but the song structure is completely different, being based around short, melodic loops, rather than the more traditional structure that Low follow. In essence, I'd say they're more like Empress than Low.
This album has a spaciousness to its sound. The whole things swathed in reverb, but rather sounding like it was recorded in an aircraft hanger, it creates a wonderful warmth.The whole sound makes me think of sitting in the cool shade on a hot summer day, with nothing to do but listen to the animal noises.
Go out and buy this now. Or better yet, get it from my favourite online record store (that is genuinely independant)

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