Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Where does the day go?

In an effort to answer be question, here's what I did yesterday:

06:45: : Woke up got in shower, ate breakfast, blah blah

07:30: Leave the house

07:47: Get on the (8 minute delayed) train

08:35: Arrive into Manchester

08:50: Get to work

13:20: Go out for a wander at lunch time

14:00: Back at work

17:30: Leave work, and go via (argh!) Tescos on way to train station

17:57: On train

18:45: Arrive home. Finish cooking dinner (which Amy had already started)

19:10: Eat

19:30: Washing up/cleaning. Think I talked to amy for a minute or two

20:20: Running

21:20: back home, eat some pear and plum crumble, spend time with Amy + Henry

22:20: Go to bed

That's pretty much my typical weekday. Tuesday's there's not running, but I have to make the dinner, as Amy doesn't get back from work until late. And I don't have crumble every night.

That was a dull post, wasn't it?

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