Wednesday, November 08, 2006

SourceSafe has ruined my life.

Ok, so perhaps I went about this the wrong way, but...
Here's what I wanted to do: branch a project (well, solution) so that I can do some work on it that won't affect the main trunk.
Here's the problems: there's no "trunk" branch, so I can't easily branch the entire solution. There are 52 projects in the solution. Using Visual Studio 2003, SourceSafe, and ASP.NET Projects is like when you forget to wash your hands before going for a pee after chopping chillies - you don't notice anything straight away, but then it fucking bites.
My solution was to only branch the projects I needed to, which also meant branching the solution. It worked reasonably well, until I try and change the binding in Visual Studio, and get told "The operation has failed". How does that help me?
I've had to manually edit the solution file 20 times, and I still get problems with one project not loading properly.
God. My next project is using Subversion and TortoiseSVN. I might see about using AnhkSVN for convienience, but I've not had any problems without it at home.
That, and I'm buying "Pragmatic Source Control with SVN". Quicksmart.

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