Thursday, February 09, 2006

The seasons are changing

It was light yesterday when I left for work, and very nearly light when I got home too. This is something of a relief, as it means the dark days of winter are finally on their way out!
It's seems strange that this should happen this week, as on the weekend, I went to an Imbolc celebration in Marsden on Saturday. It was a unique experience, what with the strange rituals involving lots of fire, and an enactment of the Green Man (spring) overcoming Jack Frost, and the sun being resurected. I took lots of pictures, but with it being dark, my camera being shit, and me not using a tripod, they're all a bit blurry. I will flickr the least blurry of them.
When Jack Frost was defeated, the whole crowd roared, a huge celebration of the fact that the lighter days, and the new year, is truly upon us.

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