Monday, April 21, 2008


I really enjoyed this film, and, unlike, for example, Secrets and Lies, was genuinely cheered by it.
Whilst it doesn't seem to be "about" anything, it follows Poppy - the happy-go-lucky 30 something that seems to be the inspiration for the film.
In the opening scenes, her bike gets stolen (I don't think that's giving the game away too much), and rather than getting another one, Poppy decides to get driving lessons. But, saying that, there's a lot more going on in the film, and it's the other parts of it that make it what it is.
For example, Poppy hurts her back whilst trampolining, and this leads to a conversation which leads to her starting flamenco lessons. In this respects, the almost off-hand way that cause and effect is handled, it makes the film believable.
Other offshoots from the main storyline may make you wonder why they're there (there's one bit that doesn't seem to lead anywhere), but, mostly, all of the many paths in this film lead to a destination which, if not full of light, are a good story along the way.

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