Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Seven Ages of Rock

On saturday, I saw the "Art Rock" episode of Seven Ages of Rock. Apart from the fact that some of it was progressive rock (which put me off entirely!), I wasn't that taken by it. Primarily, it seemed to praise Pink Floyd and David Bowie. Fair enough, I think Sid Barrett and the Bowster have some influence, but Bowie himself, on the program, admitted that he followed Barret very closely.
Then, at the end, after spending a sizeable chunk of the program on Floyd's Wall (the one they built during their shows), they bought on Genesis. Again, worthy of a mention, if only for Peter Gabrielle's  outstanding contribution to music, but really.
The other problem I have with the series is that it completely ignores Post-rock. Imagine a one-hour show charting stuff like Slint, Godspeed You Black Emperor, and Mogwai. Now that would be worth watching, rather than all the Dad-rock chart tunes that the shows have so far covered.

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