Monday, April 16, 2007

Information overload?

Compared to stories I hear of people monitoring 100s of feeds, I don't subscribe to that many blogs...however, I generally read them either on the train to work (thanks to t-mobile for flat-rate mobile internet!) or at work when I'm waiting for the compiler to finish.
Having just come back from a week of almost 0% computer use, there were a few posts waiting for me. Most of these I've scanned through, read, or simply marked as read. This done, it's left me with a dozen posts that I'd love to look at at some point, but either lack the enthusiasm or the time for at the moment.
So, inspired by GTD, I've now got a "someday/maybe" tag for posts. This way, I can easily see new stuff, but I've also got a reference to those which I might, either at home or on a delay train, get round to reading.
Thank goodness for tags.

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gary said...

I subscribe to around 20 feeds (after I did some pruning) and have the same problem if I miss keeping up for a few days. The someday/maybe seems like a good idea. I don't know if it works on the mobile service but I do something similar - but I use the star facility in Google Reader ot mark posts I don't have time for and want to read later. It works quite well because it's quick and I can even do it from the reader widget for personalised Google. THe only problem is that keeping up with the subsequent new posts leaves me with no time to ever catch up...