Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Catch up...

Seeing as I've moved to blogger beta, which, as Gary pointed out, is a lot slicker than plain old blogger, and it no longer requires me to have a blogger and a google login (horray!) I though I'd better write some new content, which in fact most people will already know.
Green Man Festival - brilliant, despite having to put the tent up in the dark and rain, and taking 6 hours to get there, and the first night being a massive thunder storm, the first day being almost constant rain. Still brilliant. I think having the cottage to retreat to was a really nice extra - we got to get clean and relax comfortably. On the monday morning when we were woken up at 6am by a van stuck in the mud next to our tent, not having a six hour drive was also good.
Music-wise: julina molina was my favourite, especially as I'd never heard her before. Euros Childs (formerly Gorky's Zygotic Munkie) was very good too, albeit in a poppier, happier, more jumping round the room way that I usually go for. Tunng were brilliant too. Bat for Lashes was another good find - a bit Bjork like, which is no bad thing in my book. The dressing up was beyond the call of duty, too. Malcom Middleton played a blinding set, and Viking Moses entertained, especially with his cover of Whitney Huston's I Will Always Love You (no, it wasn't done seriously).
There's some bits and pieces on the bbc collective site.
After Green Man came Wales, or at least the Brecon Beacons. Really beautiful hills.
We were staying right by Table Mountain (near crickhowell), on the Breacons Way, and did one walk right from the door, which was brilliant. Also walked under a water fall, which was pretty neat, and up Pen Y Fan, which was really challenging, and then slightly disappointing - there's a really easy way up to the top, and so it was teaming with people who weren't out of breath. We went up the route that was shit scary, and my vertigo nearly got the better of me. The way down featured a 200ft drop on one side, which did get the better of me. The last day we did Sugar Loaf Mountain, which was a bit of a stroll. We meandered up there in about 1.5 hours, including stopping for lunch, then ran down in 30 minutes. I was quite exhilarating running down. I've put some photos over on flickr.
Coming back from Wales, we found Cate and Mike staying at our house. It was arranged, although at the last minute before we left, and they bought Henry up with them. It was cool to see them, even though we'd only seen them a fortnight before, and they were in house hunting mode... Still, hopefully they're going to based in Leeds for some time to come, so I should be able to see them more.
Henry's been cool, and I'm starting to enjoy having him around. Despite a few (nearly) sleepness nights, where he found he could get his paw under the bedroom door, and thus wake me up by scratching, it's been ok (we've kept him in the kitchen at night since). Last night, for the first time, he didn't come back before we went to bed, and hence caused no end of worry. He was outside this morning, acting like nothing had happened. He seemed quite tired when he came in and he ate all his breakfast in one go, which he hasn't done for a few weeks.
The new job, at million21 seems ok. It's actually application development, rather than web stuff, but with a strong bias towards web technologies, which is kind of my thing really. Also, there's a bloke who's fresh from Uni, who I'll probably end up taking under my wing. Been working on a project that's not connected with the rest of the company's work, so not got to see their coding standards, practises, etc... that's a treat to come. They do seem hooked on SPs though, which is something that's going to cause friction, no doubt.

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