Monday, August 14, 2006


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Saw Mike and Cate at the weekend. Was another weekend with too much time spent in the car, especially as we went the wrong way (twice) when we got to London, but it was good to see them.
The main purpose of the visit was to see Henry, who's going to come live with us once we get back from our holidays. Fortunately, Amy wasn't too allergic (she got a bit snotty, but her eyes seemed ok). Henry seems like a dude, he didn't seem to mind Amy fussing him, or me not fussing him. In fact, the only thing he seemed to be concerned at all about was his dinner (but then that's cats I suppose).
Amy and I are already looking forward to him coming to live with us. It'll be great to have the patter of paws around the house.


Chris said...

It is already plotting against you. You don't realise this, but it is. You can see it in its eyes.

David Kemp said...

Hey, that's ok. I didn't take that picture. The people who are looking after him at the moment did.