Wednesday, March 29, 2006

They only want me for the money

Finally, after a week and a half, I get some time to blog.
Well, notice was handed in last monday (20th) and I went into full time job seeking mode. Which meant agencies phoning me constantly for tuesday and wednesday.
I've grown to hate employment agencies; for the most part they seem to be liars and cheats. One particular agency have the habit of slagging off any company who they don't represent, reventing any communications between the candidate and the client (except for interviews), and generally telling lies to all an sundry. Certainly, from my experience of them, they advertise jobs they don't have, they apply unnecessary pressure to both parties, and generally mess everyone around.
Anyway, from the mess, managed to find a job in Leeds. The salary's not the best, but i'll be contracting for three months, at a slightly hire rate than the salary, so that should ease the pain. The company seems like a really top place to work though, and they're right in central leeds, where I want to be, basically.
Ordered Mr Beast LP from norman records. Those guys rule (both mogwai + the norman records guys). Norman Records have sold stuff for me, and they nearly always put treats in with the orders. Just the personal touch that makes it special.
Apart from that, everything's ok. Spoke to my mum for the first time in three months on sunday (mother's day), and caught up with the happenings they. They've got a really sound friend who's trying to persuade my mum to come off the millions of drugs she's on, or at least to cut down on them, which seems like a plan to me. Some of them she's been on for thirty years or more, which can't be good for her.
I've done fuck all else, as the job seeking literally has taken all of my time. Now I'm just trying to relax a bit before starting work.

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